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Welcome to the Grange Christmas Tree Sale

This year, support Grange Primary by buying your affordable and sustainable Christmas tree from Grange PTA.
We’ve sourced premium quality Nordmann Fir non-drop Christmas trees from the exact same wholesalers as any Christmas tree retailer, except we don’t have the overheads of running a business! That means we’re able to offer trees at less than the commercial rate at the same time as raising money for the school to enrich our children’s learning experience. 
We have a range of quality trees to suit everyone’s size and budget, starting from only £25!

Why buy from Grange?

All profits go to the school

Help raise vital funds to enrich our children’s education.

Covid-friendly collection

Timed collection slots, social distancing, and hot chocolate in line with current government guidelines!

On site parking

Park up in the school carpark and we’ll even bring your tree to the car!


Absolutely not! They are top grade trees. You will receive exactly the same grade of tree that will be sold by both major and local retailers. The only reason they appear cheap is that we’ve been able to buy in large quantities and unlike garden centres we don’t need to make a large mark up.

Christmas trees are a sustainable crop, grown in plantations much like a farmer grows wheat. Once harvested the area is replanted. Cutting Christmas trees does not result in deforestation.
An artificial Christmas tree would have to be used for 12 years to match the carbon foot print of a real Christmas tree but the plastic ones are non- recyclable and will inevitably end up in landfill.

Yes absolutely! Fill every room with one!

Alas, the Grange PTA tree sale is on Saturday 5th December only, we are unable to store the trees beyond that.

We’re afraid not, all trees will be pre-netted to help you get it home easily. Your tree will be in the pre-ordered height range (eg: 5-6ft) but we cannot guarantee its exact shape or measurement within that range.

Our deal with the wholesaler comes with a guarantee that means we can replace or refund any sub-standard tree. Remember that trees will be within the size grade ordered. We cannot guarantee they will all be towards the top of their size range. We need to know within the same day as collection if there is a problem with a tree. It will be obvious as soon as it is un-netted. We cannot help if we are told 2 weeks later!! We have no control of what happens if the tree is taken indoors and not watered for a fortnight! Remember trees are a natural product so size and shape will vary a little.

Ealing council do a tree collection after Christmas, check their website and on the day of collection, leave your tree safely on the pavement outside your home, Please recycle your tree correctly as its considerably better for the environment .

We will burn your tree for warmth… Nah, not really! It’s ok, get in touch on the day and we’ll work out a solution with you.