The Grange Spy Trail



For some time, devious entrepreneur Rain Ranelagh has been plotting to take over the school and surrounding land, intending to knock it down and build a huge, polluting, genetically modified food factory on the site instead!
Luckily, Inspector Goe de la Grange from the Ealing Police Force has been working tirelessly to thwart this terrible plan. De la Grange has worked out that Ranelagh has hidden all the top-secret information about the dastardly scheme in plain sight, in the streets around the school. Codes, the names of colleagues, times and dates, it’s all there. However, the Inspector has today been told that he has to self-isolate, because of Coronavirus, so he needs your help! He’s asking you to step in, follow the clues and gather everything that’s needed to put the baddie behind bars!

You will need ALL your observational skills and a good dose of brainpower.
Will you accept the challenge?



Support Grange and win prizes by taking part in this short trail in the streets near the school. The experience should last around one hour.

On purchase, you will be sent a link you need to follow to take part in the challenge. You will need a smartphone to take out with you on the road.

Good luck!