Introducing the PTA

The purpose of the PTA is to raise money in a manner that encourages a community spirit whilst providing our school with the funds for improved facilities and equipment.

These in turn improve the educational and social development of pupils as well as providing beneficial experiences for all other stake holders of the school.

The PTA exists to strengthen the school community. Its function is largely a social one, working in partnership with the school to organise social events, raising funds for charity and assisting teaching staff at school-run events when necessary. Through money raised, and access to expert help and volunteers, we are able to enrich the school experience for all stakeholders – students, parents and staff. We are also active in the wider community.

By taking part actively and supporting the efforts of the PTA parents can find out more about how the school works, fundraise for extra items or services to enrich their child’s education and be part of a vibrant organisation dedicated to enriching, improving and developing the school experience.

Every teacher, parent or guardian of a child who attends the school is automatically a member of the PTA. Its structure currently consists of a main PTA Committee and parents who wish to take an active role in school life. All members are eligible to apply for a position on any of the Core or Standing Committees convened during the year.

During the year a number of social events are planned and organised. These are designed to create a community/educational experience for parents and children, for example quiz night, film nights, carnival parties, school discos and Christmas Fairs. We raise funds for the purchase of items to enhance our children’s time at school and to support extra-curricular activities for example – visiting musicians, prizes for the rewards programme, discos and school plays, to name but a few. We also assist children in charitable activities.

Each class has a parent representative (sometimes two share this role) who liaises between the class teacher and the parents. They often organise social events to enable parents to get to know each other and foster a class spirit out of the classroom. See our ‘Who’ page for more details.